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This is a one of a kind Color Theory Course Specifically for LIP PMU. This unique class was created to finally teach color and pigment theory for the lips because of the lips. 


This course will dive deep into basic and advanced color and pigment theory to teach you how to choose the perfect color and pigment for your desired effect every time. This course is not pigment brand specific.  Instead, it will teach you how to expand your pigment collection, different pigment brands will get you different results, to get you your desired result and so much more.


Special Note: This is NOT a Technique course.  This is a Continuing Education Course for those already certified in Lip PMU Techniques. 

This course covers both basic and advanced Color and Pigment Theory NOT how to perform Lip Blush or Dark Lip PMU Procedures. The techniques for these different facets of lip PMU are in addition to Color and Pigment Theory and need to be learned and mastered separately.


Course Curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to the course!
    • Terms & Conditions
    • Welcome to Read My Lips, Lip PMU & Pigment Theory
    • Meet Carla
    • Course Outline & Objectives
  • 2
    Chapter #1- Fundamentals
    • Fundamentals Intro
    • The Lips
    • Lip Anatomy
    • Lesson One Quiz
  • 3
    Chapter #2- Lip Scale
    • Lip Scale Intro
    • Lip Scale
    • Chapter 2 Quiz
  • 4
    Chapter #3- Pigments
    • Pigment Intro
    • Composition
    • Effecting Pigments
    • Chapter 3 Quiz
  • 5
    Chapter #4- Color Theory Fundamentals
    • Color Theory Fundamentals Intro
    • Basic Color Theory
    • Color Gradient- Hue
    • Chapter 4- Quiz
  • 6
    Chapter #5- Color Theory Application
    • Color Theory Application Intro
    • Applying Color Theory to Lip PMU
    • Applying Color Theory for Enhancement
    • Applying Color Theory for Correction
    • Applying Color Theory for Base Undertone 6 (Browns)
    • Chapter 5 Quiz
    • Closing Message from Carla


  • Carla Ricciardone

    Lip Master Trainer

    Carla Ricciardone

    Carla is an award-winning PMU Master Artist, Educator, and Speaker. Her techniques and methods are globally recognized and she pours my heart and soul into her art and her students.  She has earned over 50 certifications and trainings of her own from online sources, and national as well as international in-person instruction. It took Carla but a moment to decide to use her decades of teaching experience to fix a major void in our industry; to actually teach students to think for themselves. She teaches them to understand what they are doing and why. Carla teaches to create the next generation of Master Artists.


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Course Reviews

  • Read my lips

    Saraa Abri

    I’m so glad I took this course

    I’m so glad I took this course

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