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Sheila is not only one of my very best friends but a beauty boss that dedicates all of her time to helping other beauty professionals succeed. She created a million-dollar beauty business in less than 3 years. She knows the value of a mentor and a tribe. She is the creator of Pretty Rich Podcast, one of the top 100 Business and Career Podcasts on iTunes and she is here now to help you create your very own online course.

This course will help you build, launch, scale and monetize from a successful online course!




    Discover your magic solution! What is the big promise? Will it even sell? What should the name be? A strategic development phase can make or break the success of your course. Get clear about your offer and passionate about your vision!


    Logistics logistics logistics! Everything you need to know about how to film, where to host, and how to create graphics! ALL from your iPhone​ or desktop. No need to hire an expensive professional film crew or graphic designer! We will show you step by step what to do in order to create a professional-looking course, from the comfort of your home, without breaking the bank!


    How you launch is key! I have developed a solid LAUNCH formula that has helped me and others have 6-figure course launches! Trust me, the secret formula I am going to teach you here could make the difference between selling only a couple to selling hundreds or even thousands of courses!


    It doesn't stop after launch. Think big! If you do it right, a great course could provide you with passive income for years to come! Let me show you my scaling secrets that have helped me create evergreen income, not only for myself but for many others who have followed this surefire formula.

Online Course Workshop

is for the beauty boss aspiring to bring their training to new horizons and wants to start & grow a successful online course! 

Sheila will walk you through and help you identify your course's name, your promise. who is your course for, what are people going to get out of it and your framework!


Sign Up today and let's create the online course that you've always dreamed of, that will help you scale your business and monetize even in times of crisis!