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Great Photos = More Clients


    Dive deep into everything photo related including phone settings, photo angles, saturation and tone and all of Shay's tips for before and after photos.


    Shay Danielle shares all of her secrets including her favourite editing apps and exactly how she uses them. No photoshop here!


    If you have seen Shay's photos, you know they are LIT. Literally. No more guessing how your favourite artists get such beautiful's all in the lighting. Shay shares her exact lighting set up and it's more affordable than you think!

Why choose Shay Danielle Academy Online?

  • Detailed and comprehensive theory & videos.

  • Learn Shay Danielles coveted technique from ANYWHERE in the world.

  • Our 4K video tutorials are thorough, professionally made, a step by step education that leaves nothing to the imagination

  • Personalized course certificate upon completion!

Now is the time!

What are you waiting for? Start today and build your business tomorrow. Start creating beautiful content with this in depth course.

You won’t believe how simple it is to up your photo game.

This program teaches you everything you need to know when it comes to taking, editing and sharing the ultimate Instagram worthy content.

  • Lighting Secrets

  • Angles

  • Tones of the Photo

  • Phone Photo Settings

  • Creative Content Ideas

  • Photo Organizational Apps

  • Editing (including blemishes, and irritated skin)

  • How to Watermark your images and more

Meet Shay Danielle

  • Shay Danielle

    Master Micropigmentation Technician & Educator

    Shay Danielle

    Shay Danielle has been in the Esthetics Industry for almost 10 years.  Her passion and drive for all things beauty have led her to become a very successful business entrepenuer. She is an educator as well as a licensed Master Microblading Instructor and Permanent Cosmetic Educator who has created training programs based on her knowledge and experience over her years in the Cosmetic Tattooing/Skincare Industry.

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