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In this mini course, Shay shares a specific numbing technique she has used for years in the studio…and it takes 5 minutes. This SECRET is also featured in both the INFINITY & HYBRID brow courses.

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  • Why Do I Need This?

    No more 30 minute wait time to get your clients comfortable.  

  • Save Your Time, It Is Valuable!

    If you would like to save time and make your clients more comfortable during your eyebrow PMU procedures, this mini course is for you!

  • What Procedures Is This Technique For?

    This technique works for microblading, powder brow and hybrid brow appointments.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    • Before you continue...
  • 2
    • Copy Right
    • Meet Shay
  • 3
    • 5 Minute Numbing?
    • Two Types of Anesthetic
    • Primary Anesthetic
    • Secondary Anesthetics
    • 5 Minute Numbing for Powder Brows
    • 5 Minute Numbing for Microblading
  • 4
    Thank You
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  • Shay Danielle

    Master Micropigmentation Technician & Educator

    Shay Danielle

    Shay Danielle has been in the Esthetics Industry for almost 10 years.  Her passion and drive for all things beauty have led her to become a very successful business entrepenuer. She is an educator as well as a licensed Master Microblading Instructor and Permanent Cosmetic Educator who has created training programs based on her knowledge and experience over her years in the Cosmetic Tattooing/Skincare Industry.


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