10 ways to spice up your instastories. Engage your followers!

  • Why Do My Stories Matter?

    Stories are a priority for the Instagram algorithm and are a great way to initiate engagement on your feed too!

  • Grow Your Following!

    The more you use these tips, the more people will find you on instagram... and your engagement will turn them into followers... and then they may become clients!

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    • 10 Ways to Spice Up Your Instastories

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Master Micropigmentation Technician & Educator

Shay Danielle

Shay Danielle has been in the Esthetic Industry for over a decade. Her passion and drive for all things beauty have led her to become a very successful business entrepreneur. She’s an extremely talented artist as well as a Master Microblading and Permanent Makeup Instructor who has created numerous online training programs based on her knowledge and experience over her years in the Cosmetic Tattooing Industry. Shay Danielle Academy Online has thousands of 5-star reviews from graduates all around the world.


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